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Your life in Brisbane

This section will provide you with a brief overview of some essentials such as student visas, average student living costs and an accommodation guide. For detailed information about Australia and study-related topics please visit the useful links section on this site for some reliable in-depth links to these topics.


Brisbane, the capital of Queensland – known as the “Sunshine State” – is a dynamic, cosmopolitan, safe and friendly city, and is often called Australia’s most livable city. It is surrounded by some of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Australia: the Gold & Sunshine Coasts, beautiful sand islands, zoos and theme parks. The city is also renowned as the education centre of Queensland as it is home to nine universities. Living costs are comparatively low compared to many other large Australian cities. The amazing weather, excellent quality of life and friendly, relaxed people make Brisbane the perfect Australian city in which to live and study.

  • Population: 2.24 million
  • Average age: 35 years old
  • Average daily temperature: 15-25°C
  • Average of 300 days of sunshine per year

Brisbane - voted 8th most beautiful city in the world by The Rough Guide 2015

Brisbane - voted Australia’s hippest city by Lonely Planet 2014


Brisbane has a comfortable subtropical climate with warm or hot weather nearly all year round. The average maximum daily temperature throughout the year is around 25°C with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. In summer (December - February), maximum temperatures are around 30°C, and there are often thunderstorms and heavy rain. Winter (June - August) is generally mild, sunny and dry, with average temperatures around 17°C. Mornings can be quite cold, down to 6°C. Spring (September - November) and Autumn (March - May) have average temperatures of around 15-25°C. Days are warm and sunny, the evenings are pleasant and the nights are cool.

What to pack (summer)

  • Hat
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Swimming gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Raincoat
  • Sunscreen

What to pack (winter)

  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Jumper
  • Jacket
  • Sunscreen (yes even in winter!)


Living costs

The average international student in Australia spends about $405 per week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport and telephone. The cost of living in Brisbane varies according to your lifestyle but in general:



Approximate Cost of Living (Per Week)



$150 - $250



$100 - $150



$25 - $30

Mobile phone


$10 - $45



$15 - $20 (Free at our Campus!)

Useful links:

Public Transport

Brisbane has an effective public transport system. English Unlimited is located in the middle of Brisbane city and very close to train stations, bus and ferry stops. Taxi services are also available, but they are expensive in comparison with other forms of public transport. Fares on buses, trains and ferries operate on a zone system.

The cheapest way to travel by public transport is to buy a Gocard. You can add credit to these cards and then you don’t have to worry about not having enough cash to catch public transport. You can add extra credit online or through a retail outlet. Just remember to always tap on and tap off or you will be charged extra.

To get to and from the airport the cheapest and fastest option is to catch the airport line train in Brisbane. A one-way ticket costs around $17.

Working in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the world's fastest-growing capital cities, with both part-time and casual employment opportunities for international students. If you want to work while you study in Brisbane, you need to understand your rights and responsibilities to ensure you protect yourself and comply with your visa requirements.

If you are on a student visa you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during your course, and an unlimited number of work hours during your holidays. You can find more information here:

On your first day at English Unlimited you will have the opportunity to talk to your Academic Counsellor about your resume and be introduced to our Job Assistance Service (JAS). Look here for job opportunities:


Brisbane & Queensland

English Unlimited is located in relaxed, friendly Brisbane, the capital of the glorious Sunshine State. Queensland has an average of 300 days of sunshine every year and an average daily temperature of 25 degrees. Take advantage of this beautiful natural and cosmopolitan environment and visit some amazing places while you’re studying!

Our favourite places to visit in and around Brisbane

Food and drink

The cheapest and best place to buy fruit, vegetables, meat, bread and other high quality foodstuffs, crafts and souvenirs is at the many outdoor markets held all over Brisbane. Have a look at this link which gives information about designer clothes, food and lifestyle markets:



There are always free musical events in Brisbane CBD and at local pubs and bars, but if you’re looking for music festivals you are truly spoilt. The world famous Byron Bay Bluesfest takes place every year just 1.5 hours away and there are festivals for folk, international, electronic and country music throughout the year.


Sporting events 

No matter what sport you love, Brisbane has it all. Australians love their sport and are proud of their local and national teams and stars. Why not experience a new sport - become a fan of a new team and take some Australian passion back overseas with you when you go!


Community and cultural festivals

Brisbane has some fabulous festivals, big and small, celebrating culture, comedy, the arts and more. Become part of your local community and join in with your Aussie neighbours and embrace the Aussie culture!


Natural beauty

Golden beaches, crystal clear waters, blue skies - Queensland is awash with easily accessible and unique natural beauty and wildlife. Go for an exhilarating hike on Mount Tamborine, visit the world’s largest sand island or watch whales play off the coastline. While you’re in Queensland you absolutely should see an incredible crocodile show at the world famous Australia Zoo and get some pictures of you cuddling a koala and posing with a kangaroo at Lone Pine Sanctuary.

Visit these websites to check out the latest festivals, free events and cool goings on in Brisbane!

Student Spotlight

Testimonial_FCE_Ambre Le Goff_New_Caledonia.jpg

Ambre New Caledonia

“My name is Ambre. I have so many good memories at EU. First, I've learned really fast with passionate teachers in a convivial and fun atmosphere. The most important is that you feel safe because this school cares about everyone, I was comfortable with this new adventure in a totally new country. Secondly, I’ve met gorgeous people from around the world. At the end of that amazing experience I could reach my professional goals: be a flight attendant. I want to say merci EU for everything.”

Course: B2 First Preparation (previously FCE Preparation)


Anastasia Russia

“I sat the test after 2 months IELTS Preparation at EU - it was my first attempt and I got the result I needed, 7.5. I'm really happy that I found this school. All teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Their advice and recommendations helped me to pass the test. For those students who aims at high IELTS results, I would recommend EU. This IELTS course is the one that can make your IELTS dreams come true.”

Course: IELTS Preparation


Berangere France

"I've enjoyed many many things. The atmosphere at the school is absolutely delightful. Everyone is always available, friendly and very helpful, which is amazing when one arrives in a new country and doesn't know a lot about it. I really have improved my English skills thanks to EU and the only bad thing about that experience is that it had to end!”


Helene Denmark

"I found the overall experience with English Unlimited very positive. The contents of the course was great and extremely useful, I enjoyed working with real professional issues. The most surprising elements for me was the fantastic social and international atmosphere and the enthusiasm and the engagement provided by the staff. I warmly recommend this.”


Jinsoo South Korea

“Hi I'm Jinsoo Park from Korea. I used to be a photographer. I studied around one-year at EU. I remember when I came to EU at first day. It was totally unfamiliar with new country and new school... moreover it was one of the most serious challenge in my whole life. But I adapted really soon to Australian life. Staff and teachers in EU were always such kind and ardent supporters of mine. I'll never forget I studied delightedly. I extremely recommend English Unlimited.”


Joseph Philippines

About me
My name is Joseph and its been more than a year now since I came here to Brisbane. I am originally from the Philippines, the pearl of the orient. I came here to pursue what I have started, to become a nurse. I am already a registered nurse in my country but curiosity drives me to study overseas and gain experience for which I can use to improve and develop our health-care system in the Philippines.

Occupation: Student
City: Brisbane

About my class
Without hesitation, I enrolled at the college and took a part-time OET (Occupational English Test) preparation course with Rufus. Our class was very interesting and conducive for learning. We were 3 students in a class with different nationalities with one goal - to pass the OET exam. Somehow, despite each others hectic schedules we were able to arrange a flexible class schedule every afternoon for 2 - 3 hours. The class was great and you will really enjoy it. While on our free days, Rufus gave us helpful handouts and homework to do. She taught us strategies and processes how to tackle difficult questions in the exam. 2 days prior to our exam, we focused on the areas that needed special attention, our weakness in short. Rufus taught us how to fix such discrepancies.


Juan Colombia

“I'm Juan from Colombia, I studied law in my country but I felt the necessity to learn English. It has been a good experience in this beautiful school. The teachers are fantastic professionals and they do a great job, I found kind and awesome staff members. My classmates are lovely people and I made many friends in here. The amenities are amazing and you have many places where you can enjoy this school. Thank you EU for everything!"

Testimonial_IELTS_Luis_Miguel_ Valbuena_Colombia.jpg

Luis Colombia

"The IELTS preparation course in English Unlimited was very useful when taking the test, the techniques received in class were easy to follow and apply. Learning and using these helped me to avoid common mistakes, furthermore the practice test of the skills weeks gave me a hand in the management of time, and led me to achieve a high Band Score in the real test."

Course: IELTS Preparation