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APC Education Group New PEO Announcement

Effective Monday, 2 August 2021

It is my great pleasure to announce that effective Monday, 2 August 2021, Ms Youngeun Song will succeed me in the role of Principal Executive Officer of APC Education Group (AEG). 

I feel extremely honoured to have been afforded the opportunity to serve as the founding PEO for over 27 years, and which was only made possible by being side-by-side with some of the most amazing and talented professionals from around the world. 

I will continue to work towards ensuring that access to quality education and training is available to any willing learner and not be predicated on their current circumstances. Where one is today or where one has come from should not limit one’s access to future possibilities. 

With this pursuit in mind, I will continue my role as the Chair of the Board and also take on a new role as the Managing Director of AEG focusing on strategic projects and investments. 

Youngeun has over 20 years of experience in the field of education and training ranging from childcare centres, English colleges and Higher Education. Since 2011, she has held various roles at AEG and currently serves as the Campus Director (Queensland) and as the Student Experience Director at the national level. 

I have great confidence that Youngeun will provide the stable guidance and support needed to continue to lead AEG’s vision of a student-centred organisation with entrepreneurial flair; in an innovative and rigorous manner, and with great humility and compassion to respond to the current and future challenges our learners face. 

Thank you all for your endless support and your continuing trust in APC Education Group.

David Yoo 
Principal Executive Officer 
APC Education Group (AEG) 
26 July 2021 

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2021 Welcome Message

The past 12 months have tested all of our collective abilities to respond to a fast-changing environment. What continues to be certain is that our future depends on our ability to face challenges collaboratively.

Independence must be respected, but it is only as strong as the collective wishes of the community. And as a member of any community, we each have a role to continue to actively participate and be involved with shaping what that independence looks like, and education has a significant role to play in shaping this.

As an education and training institution, we firmly believe that access to opportunities is an important first step towards becoming a lifelong learner.  Having access is followed by your individual ability and motivation to participate in whatever activities, whether it is for your career and/or lifestyle choices, you wish to realise.  

For example, I can read or watch about Meerkats (as in this video below), but the experience of being with them is far more enriching and fun as you can see. This is only possible as Hunter Valley Zoo has made available access to this awesome experience.

At the core of what we do as an organisation, no matter what your current personal challenges and circumstances are, is for you to continue to have access to educational opportunities, such as having your learning accessible online on myAPC.hub,  removing the financial burden with our Tuition Fee Relief and introducing our peer-support program, the APC Study Buddy Program. 

Also, to improve the ways we can make learning more engaging, in 2021, we will continue to explore how assessments can be redesigned, so that they are used as tools for self improvement to motivate and inspire you to actively participate; not as punishment or a means to test your memorising ability or rank you against your peers.

Assessments will still be meritocratic based on your effort and active participation against the skill and/or competency; but will not be used as a way to measure your learning in competition with others, but to inspire you to collaborate in search of continuous improvement.  

In relation to our campuses, we remain committed to give you as much access as health authorities will allow, but in terms of when on-campus classes will resume, we are still planning for the later part of 2021 at the earliest, but know it could be pushed out to 2022 and will keep you updated regularly.

In the meantime, welcome to another new year of learning, get involved and let’s get creative to motivate each other to improve!

David Yoo
APC Education Group
28 January 2021

PEO Welcome Message 2020

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Click here to check out our very first EU Student Cookbook!
All of these great recipes were written by our amazing students! We're so proud.