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APC Education Group Novel Coronavirus Bulletin

Information for Students affected by Novel Coronavirus Travel Restriction

Update - 5 February 2020

Further to the release of the Novel Coronavirus Bulletin on 26 January 2020, due to the updated travel restrictions imposed by the Australian Government on 1 February 2020, the College provides this Factsheet to assist our students. 

If you are affected by the travel restrictions, please contact the college to re-arrange your study plan. 

Will I need a new CoE(s) to be issued to suspend/defer my study?

  • Yes, if you are on a student visa or waiting for your student visa to be granted you will require a new CoE(s) to be issued to suspend/defer your study. 

Will there be a cost for the new CoE(s)?

  • No, the College will not charge a fee for the new CoE(s) for the variations occurred due to the corona virus travel restriction.

Will my visa be extended on my new CoE end date?  

  • No, Student visas cannot be extended. If additional time is required to complete your studies (beyond your visa expiry date) you will need to apply for a new student visa.  

Will there be alternative options for me to carry on my study other than suspending/deferring my studies?

  • It depends on the courses you are enrolled to study, the College will work with you to find the best alternative options.

Will my information be kept private?

  • Yes, your information will be kept confidential as per the College’s Privacy Policy.

What information will I need to provide to the College to discuss my new study plan?

  • Please provide us with your travel documents such as boarding pass or confirmed flight itinerary. 


Other sources of information:

Department of Home Affairs via

Department of Health via

If you have any further questions, please contact us

David Yoo

Principal Executive Officer

APC Education Group


26 January 2020


We strive to keep our campuses a safe place for all our students and staff and we are concerned with the recent reports of the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan Province in China and the first cases detected in Australia.


The Australian government has established processes and practices in place to ensure the safety of Australians and travellers entering Australia. However, considering the evolving situation and in the interests of maintaining the health of our staff and students we ask that the following steps are taken by all.


If you have visited China (including Hong Kong) over the recent holidays or been in close contact with a person who has:

  1. Do not return to work or school until you have been in Australia for 14 days from the date of departure from China, even though you may not show any symptoms

  2. Visit a doctor (medical health professional) if you have symptoms of the virus

  3. If you are on a Student Visa, your attendance will NOT be affected upon proof of travel from affected areas

  4. Anyone suspected of any of the symptoms is required to obtain a medical certificate/clearance before coming back to work or study. 



  • Phone: Please contact the relevant campus managers and administrators in your State.

  • Web/online:

Students: Online enquiry form here

Staff:  WHS Email here


Please visit for details regarding the disease and immediately visit a doctor if you have any symptoms or concerns with your health.


We will continue to monitor this situation closely and respond to recommendations from the State and Commonwealth governments. Thank you for your cooperation.

David Yoo

Principal Executive Officer

APC Education Group


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