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B2 First Preparation (previously FCE Preparation)

Upper Intermediate real-life language skills for use in the professional world.
Exam Preparation


English Unlimited’s 12 week B2 First Preparation course prepares students for the speaking, reading, listening and writing components of the exam, in addition to broadening their English lexicon, increasing confidence and cultural ability in communication with native and non-native speakers and developing advanced grammatical structures. The course adapts general English competencies to the specific requirements of the B2 First examination and helps students to develop the necessary linguistic skills to ensure success.

  • express themselves fluently, confidently and effectively
  • communicate effectively at high levels
  • participate confidently in professional settings
  • deal with a variety of cultural situations
  • research appropriately and competently

Sample Timetable






9.00am - 11.00am

Topic Lead-in:

Food & Health

Topic Vocabulary Builder

Reacting to reading: The author’s purpose

Writing analysis: Paragraph Structure

Speaking Part 4:

Practice; peer feedback; teacher feedback

11.15am - 12.45pm

Reading and Use of English Part 1

Vocabulary classification and use

Vocabulary Builder: Use of command prefixes and suffixes

Analysis of common mistakes made in Speaking part 4:

Sentence building activities to review / reinforce new structures + collocations

1.15pm - 2.45pm

Teacher Feedback and strategies.

Implementing / applying strategies

Writing Part 2 (Review)

Listening Part 4:

Feedback and Strategies: sentence stress for identifying key words

Skill Improvement:

Discussion and Retelling of Newspaper articles to develop summary skills

If you need to improve your exam preparation skills before doing the B2 First examination, then these websites are going to be your new best friends! Increase your ability to transform words and sentences, read a variety of texts and answer questions based on them, and develop your knowledge and understanding of phrasal verbs and idioms. Good luck!
Useful websites

Course Quick Facts

Course Length

2 to 12 weeks

20 hours 'face to face' B2 First exam preparation and up to 8 hours of optional classes per week

Start Dates

Every Monday (if Monday is a Public Holiday your course will start on Tuesday)

Entry Requirements

Completion of Intermediate English


Tuition fee - $280 per week 
Application fee - 
$150 for Student Visa holders or $100 for others
Material fees -
$15 per week ($300 maximum)

Non-Tuition fees

Schedule of Administrative (Non-Tuition) Fees


Overseas Health Care Cover (OSHC) fees applicable for Student Visa holders only - please enquire.

Subject to class & level availability

Course & course fee subject to change without notice

Student Spotlight

Testimonial_FCE_Ambre Le Goff_New_Caledonia.jpg

Ambre New Caledonia

“My name is Ambre. I have so many good memories at EU. First, I've learned really fast with passionate teachers in a convivial and fun atmosphere. The most important is that you feel safe because this school cares about everyone, I was comfortable with this new adventure in a totally new country. Secondly, I’ve met gorgeous people from around the world. At the end of that amazing experience I could reach my professional goals: be a flight attendant. I want to say merci EU for everything.”

Course: B2 First Preparation (previously FCE Preparation)