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Authentic Learning Experiences

Our English Courses

You have different reasons for studying English. We offer different courses to suit your needs!

Stimulating and relevant courses, teachers who inspire and engage you, modern facilities plus excellence in student care provide you with the best opportunities to advance your English language proficiency to prepare you for real-life communication.

Our campuses are National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) Quality Endorsed ELT Centres and all our courses are accredited by NEAS to meet and exceed the high standards expected by international students. Naturally, our college and courses are Australian government registered on CRICOS to allow us to offer courses to overseas students.

In addition to our English courses, we can custom tailor a program to suit your needs. 

  • English Smart Packages
  • Private English Lessons
  • Junior English Program
  • Study Tours

Optional classes

Australia is our classroom… and English is your language!

Research shows that learning a new language is easier, faster and we remember more if the activities are fun, active and involve participation.  English Unlimited’s vibrant PLUS classes and Friday BOOST classes are specifically designed to engage students in Australia’s English culture and environment and run every day to completely immerse you in a dynamic, high energy environment.

Improve your English and cultural competence by joining our optional classes:

  • Different teachers give you access to a variety of teaching styles, methodology and pronunciation
  • Meet students from different classes to increase your friends and international cultural knowledge
  • Focus on fluency and confidence building when speaking English for real-world communicative skills
  • Focus on useful academic skills such as giving presentations and essay writing
English Unlimited’s Barista Skills course prepares you to to begin your career as a barista. Truly a skill for life!

Every Friday, as part of our Skills for Life program we offer BOOST classes and Barista Skills classes. BOOST classes are free for English Unlimited students and offer students a chance to further improve their confidence to speak English and to meet other students. 

Our Barista Skills classes is offered to English Unlimited students with an intermediate and above level of English. The aim of the Barista Skills classes is to prepare a student for work in the hospitality industry as a waiter, bartender and with practice, a barista.
Training and assessment for the classes are provided by our sister college, Australian Pacific College (RTO code: 90396).