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Policies and procedures


We love our friendly family at English Unlimited (EU)!

To keep EU a friendly family environment we ask that you:

  • Treat and respect others as you expect others to treat and respect you
  • Look after the EU campus and clean up any mess you make
  • Listen, learn, practice and don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Do no harm and whatever you do, don't break the law!
  • Ask us for help if you need it - that's what we are here for!
  • And importantly to have fun and make friends


Our Rules

We also have rules which set out how to do things at EU and what you can and can't do. These rules are found mostly in our Conditions of Enrolment, which is found in your letter of offer.


Student Code of Conduct

It is important that you comply with your responsibilities under the Student Code of Conduct


Our Policies and Procedures

In our General Conditions of Enrolment we refer to a number of policies and procedures which apply to students as follows:  

Access and Equity Policy
ELICOS Attendance Policy and Procedure
Accommodation and Welfare Policy for Under 18 year old Students
Cancellation and Refund Policy
Child Safe Policy
Critical Incident Policy & Plan
Critical Incident Flowchart
ELICOS Course Progress Policy
Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy
ESOS framework
Homestay and Accommodation Policy
Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying
Orientation Policy
Student Complaints and Appeals Policy
Student Transfer Policy
Student Procedure for Virtual Learning Environment - Lectures and Tutorials
Work Health and Safety Policy
Payment and Assurance of Fees
Plagiarised and Dishonest Assessments Policy and Procedure
Privacy Policy
Student Care Policy
Administrative (Non-Tuition) Fee Policy
Schedule of Administrative (Non-Tuition) Fees

In addition, other commonly applied policies are below:

Completion within Expected Duration Policy
Intervention Policy

For a copy of the policy please click the policy name above.